I am just a regular college student. I am an engineering student and this coming fall I will be a 2nd year! My freshman year of college went by so fast!

I enjoy desserts. I love cake and ice cream. I am a vegetarian, and I won’t go all you must eat your veggies and down with meat on you. I am not that kind of vegetarian. If you love your bacon, I won’t stop you I promise. I am learning how to cook meat (I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life) so I can cook for my boyfriend.

I love Vampire Knight, Honey and Clover, and discovering new anime/ manga.

I like to play soccer (aka football).

I love Pinterest.

And…. I think that is all. I know there is more to me, but I won’t bore you with that. Plus, my personality should show as my blog grows ( I hope).


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