2nd week of school

So, here I am, my second week of school of my second year of college. So far, so good. This semester I am taking math(calculus), writing, chem, and cse (short for computer science and engineering, programming in Java). 

Ha! I am already super tired and yawning as I write this. 

It’s too early in the morning for me to be here at school in the library. Oh, well. At least I got a ride and didn’t have to take the bus. I don’t like taking the bus.

What will I have for lunch today? 

Let’s see I made myself a burrito. Two actually, well four. Two for me and two for my boyfriend. 

I diced up a potato and let them fry for a bit. Then, I also added some diced green and red bell peppers, and I also added some jalapenos. Just let them cook for a bit. when the bell peppers look like they are almost cooked I then added two eggs, and voila! Oh and don’t forget to add salt to the potato and later to the eggs. I also added some sliced vegetarian chicken patties. You know the ones from Morningstar? 

Put all of those ingredients in a flour tortilla, roll them up and wrap them up in foil and presto you got yourself a potato, bell pepper, veggie chick’n and egg burrito!

Some snacks for today include a some grapes, sliced white peach, drinkable mango yogurt, goldfish crackers, some Ritz crackers, and a Fiber Plus protein bar.

And, I forgot to fill up my reusable water bottle last night…so I had to pack myself a regular water bottle, and it’s kinda small. Pssh! First world problems right? Haha…

I think I am going to eat my “protein” bar. I am super sleepy and barely had time for some breakfast.



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