Egg Mask!

So, as I am waiting for my mask to dry…I will tell you how to make an egg mask.

All you need is one egg! And, two containers.

Now, grab your egg and crack it open carefully.

You will want to separate the white and the yolk from each other.

The white will go into one container and the yolk into another container.

Now, you won’t use the entire egg for your face because it’s too much. So, what I did was I but some of the egg white and yolk in a separate container and cooked it and ate it 🙂 Or, you could probably do some egg mask for your hair. Either way, don’t waste it!

Now, you will apply the egg white to your face. I also applied some to my neck. To make the application of the egg white easier you can beat the egg white just a bit so it isn’t too runny. Also, use a make up brush or the back of a spoon to make it easier. I just used my clean hands.  Make sure to avoid your eye area.

Let the egg white dry on your face. And, don’t make a single facial expression! Your mask will crack on your face and that isn’t good. once it’s completely dry, rinse your face with some cold water and pat dry.

Yay! You are done with the first part!

Now, for the second part, repeat the entire previous process but this time with the egg yolk. The egg yolk will sort of moisturize your face.

Apply to face, let dry without making any facial expressions, rinse with cold water, pat dry and your face should feel nice and soft.


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