My Apartment! update

This past weekend I went to go pickup the keys for my apartment and sign the lease! I have a walk in closet! I also have a non-functioning fireplace. I wish it worked because it would be cooler that way.

This is what my dining/living room looks like.

Dining/Living Room

Under the chandelier I will put a table and some chairs. I actually bought this set from Walmart. I plan on buying a table cloth to make it prettier.



This is my kitchen! I wish the cabinets were prettier but, other than that I love it. The stove, however is really old because it doesn’t have a digital clock! It’s analog!

 My Kitchen Anyways we cleaned up the place a bit. I left on Sunday back to my hometown. The managers are super nice!

I did find some problems with the apartment though. The window screens had holes. Also, the faucets leaked, the carpet had some stains, and my dad, who is a plumber quickly spotted other problems with the water heater. Thank goodness my dad is a plumber! 🙂 And, guess what! I called on Monday so that they could fix these problems and the manager said that they were sending someone at 2 that day. SWEET!

I am overly excited to have my own place. I am already making plans on how I will design my apartment. I won’t have a sofa though. 😦 It’s not in the budget….unless anyone wants to donate money to this important cause? Hehe…no, no one…fine.

When I officially move in, I will give you guys a complete tour of my apartment.

You guys excited to move into your dorm or apartment? Or house? Any tips? Questions?  I will respond.


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