I drew Goku!

So…last year I discovered a hidden talent of mine! I can draw! Yes! So this is the first Goku that I drew. There was no tracing at all. I would just see the picture on my computer screen and draw what I would see.

Kid-Goku-psd61059This is what I was looking at.

IMG_20121010_232915 So, I just started by drawing the face because I didn’t actually think I was going to be good at it. I was very satisfied by sketch.

Then I continued to draw more the picture that I was looking at. IMG_20121011_230759 Immediately I fell in love with my drawing. I had to continue drawing! I had to finish it. As you can see from the drawing, it’s taking up the entire piece of notebook paper.So, I had to add more and more pieces of paper.

Here is the finished product! IMG_20121015_213803Close up. IMG_20121015_214010I  then gave it to my boyfriend as a birthday present. He loved it very much! He is a huge fan of Dragon Ball, and a bigger fan of Goku.

Now, I decided to draw Goku once more.  What it should look like.how-to-draw-gokukid goku What I drew. Tada!


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