My thoughts on my college education

My future is this mountain in front of me that I have to climb. Only I decide how far up I will climb. Will I reach the top? It might seem easy right? I mean I have all the right tools…I think.

I spent four years of high school preparing for this. A.V.I.D was my boot camp. A.V.I.D gave me tools, but it’s up to me on whether I should use them and how to use them. Sure, received some training, but this is the real deal. College won’t baby me, and wait for me. Snowstorms are going might blow me off track, but I will get back on track. Actually, I had almost went through an avalanche, all the four years of hard work to get into college, almost gone in a couple of months. All because I wasn’t wise enough, and I didn’t use the tools wisely. But, I got back on track.

And, like any other climber, I have a team with me.

You know how when people are climbing a mountain they are usually tied together by a rope? Well, that’s what’s going on. I am the leader, and I am leading my family to a better future. My dad once said, that once I graduate from college, not only will I open a pathway for my future family and myself but also for my siblings and cousins. So, if I slip, so does my family. As I climber further up, I am helping them climb up to a better future

I also have my A.V.I.D teacher who was my trainer, but I can’t always depend on her, although I know that if I need to brush up on some skills I can count on her.  I have a guide to help me navigate through this treacherous college experience, because it won’t be easy. My family and my boyfriend are my cheerleaders.

So, how far will I climb the mountain who knows, but I will climb up as far as I can.

okay, okay I know this might be a bit cliche, or over done but this is the best I can describe why my education is important.

What is your analogy? What’s the reason for your college education?



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