5 More Weeks!

5 more weeks until I go off to my second year of college! I just want to go now. Except I can’t because I don’t have my apartment yet (well technically I do but it won’t be given to me until the first week of August) and because I don’t have the essentials to moving into my own place.

I want to go now because I don’t like where I live. It is basically a boring place and because my friends don’t live here. My friends are the ones I made last year in college. See, last year I was super excited to go to college. And, to tell you the truth I wasn’t going to miss anyone from my home town, with the exception of my family. I didn’t/don’t have any friends here really and the few that I do have I don’t really see. The only person I see every week is boyfriend, and that itself is torture. It’s torture because during the school year I would see him pretty much every single day. Now, some might be saying isn’t that too much. Nah, not really. I mean we would see each other every day because well we go to the same school, see each other in the library and we were always each other’s moral support.

So here is the status of my off campus living: I am living off campus! I am so freaking excited because although living on campus it had it’s benefits, it was somewhat annoying.

The dinning center wouldn’t open until like 10 am on the weekends! Like what is up with that? I seriously would starve the first few weekends at school (okay maybe it’s a slight exaggeration). I would wake up at 8 or 9 and my stomach would start making so much noise within the first 15 mins-30 mins.  And then, the buses (my school has it’s own buses) would start operating at 1 in the afternoon on the weekends.

What if I want to go into town early in the morning and buy some groceries. I definitely didn’t want to go later in the afternoon because then it would be too hot.

So this year, I won’t starve myself on the weekends and I can run errands/grocery shop in the morning! Yay! I will also finally have something to do.

Are you excited to go back to school?


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