French toast for. The first time!


I have never had French Toast until today.

I just looked up a couple of recipes on the internet and made the recipe.

I didn’t have day-old bread or thick bread. It was your regular sandwich bread that I used. download (2)

I also used two eggs because it was the only eggs that I had, a splash of milk, lots of cinnamon, and some brown sugar. I just eyeballed it because I didn’t have the right amount of ingredients.

Anyways I mixed everything together in a plastic container big enough so that my slices of bread would fit. Next, I dipped a slice of bread in the batter and I then transferred it into a lightly oiled skillet. Then, I wondered what it would taste like if I used graham crackers like some sort of breading.

I liked it more with the graham crackers. When the toast looked done, I took it out and add some berries on top and sprinkled some pondered sugar. It tasted good…I guess. Maybe next time with the right amount of ingredients, it’ll taste better.

Finished ProductIMG_20130709_101916


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